Olbas Oil (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Olbas for Children (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Olbas Blackcurrant Pastilles (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Olbas inhaler (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Quiet Life (January 2013) [Sleep and Fatigue]

Kalms Day (April 2013) [Stress and Anxiety]

Kalms Night (April 2013) [Sleep problems and fatigue]

Kalms Sleep (April 2013) [Sleep problems and fatigue]

Olbas Pastiles (April 2013) [Coughs, Colds and Flu]

Aqua Ban Herbal (April 2013) Womens Health

Teangi (April 2013) [Skin]

Dual-Lax Extra Strong Tablets (April 2013) [Digestive Health]

Echinacold Soft Capsules (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Echinacold Effervescent (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Kaloba tablets (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Kaloba Syrup (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Kaloba Liquid (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

KarmaMood tablets (January 2013) [Low Mood and Depression]

Niteherb (January 2013) [Sleep and Fatigue]

Thisilyn Milk Thistle (January 2013)  [Digestive Health]

Thisilyn Max Strength Milk Thistle (January 2013)  [Digestive Health]

MenoMood Tablets (January 2013)  [Low Mood and Depression] & [Womens Health]

Vitano (January 2013)  [Low Mood and Depression]

MenoHerb (January 2013)   [Womens Health]

PremHerb (January 2013)   [Womens Health]

Migraherb [Headache and Migraine]

Flexiherb (January 2013) [Muscle, Joint and Back Pain]

RelaxHerb (January 2013) [Stress and Anxiety]

Echinacea cold and flu releif (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Sleep Aid (January 2013) [Sleep and Fatigue]

Milk Thistle Tablets (January 2013)  [Digestive Health]

Stress Relief (January 2013) [Stress and Anxiety]

Slimming Aid (January 2013)  [Digestive Health]

Herbal Store Echinacea (April 2013) [Skin]

HRI Cold & Flu Echinacea (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

HRI Milk Thistle (January 2013) [Digestive Health]

GoodMood (January 2013)  [Low Mood and Depression]

Water Balance (January 2013) [Urinary symptoms)

Clear Complexion  (January 2013) [Skin]

EchinEeze® (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

SleepEezy (January 2013) [Sleep and Fatigue]

Milk Thistle (January 2013) [Digestive Health]

UCalm (January 2013)  [Low Mood and Depression]

JointEeze (January 2013) [Muscle, Joint and Back Pain]

StressEeze (January 2013) [Stress and Anxiety]


Prostasan (January 2013)  [Urinary symptoms]

Atrosan Tablets (January 2013)  [Muscle, joint and Back Pains] & [Skin]

Venaforce (January 2013)  [Circulatory]

Hyperiforce (January 2013)  [Low mood and depression]

Dormeasan Valerian-Hops Oral Drops (January 2013)  [Sleep and Fatigue]

Ginkgoforce (January 2013)  [Circulatory]

Echinaforce Forte Cold & Flu Tablets (January 2013)  [Coughs and Colds]

Menoforce Sage Tablets (January 2013) [Womens Health]

Bronchosan Pine Cough Syrup  (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Stress Relief Daytime Valerian (January 2013)  [Stress and Anxiety]

Digestisan Oral drops (January 2013)  [Digestive Symptoms]

Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray (January 2013)  [Coughs and Colds]

Linoforce granules (January 2013)  [Digestive Health]

Bronchoforce Chesty Cough (January 2013) [Coughs and Colds]

Atrogel (January 2013)  [Muscle, Joint and Back Pain]

Echinaforce tablets (January 2013)  [Coughs and Colds]

Echinaforce Echinacea Tincture (January 2013)  [Coughs and Colds]

Echinaforce Chewable Tablets (January 2013)  [Coughs and Colds]



Ashton and Parsons Infant’s Powder (October 2013) [Infant and Child]