BHMA & Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Workshop 20th November 2019 – FULLY BOOKED


Use of Scientific Plant Names for Herbal Products: best practice, safety and labelling

This training course is aimed at companies, health professionals and academics that use, manufacture, retail or prescribe herbal drugs and food supplements derived from plants (“herbals”). The course explains relationships between pharmaceutical names for drugs and scientific plant names, the requirement to use the latter to achieve precision, safety and quality control. The course illustrates the challenges in using scientific plant names appropriately, points to Kew’s resources and demonstrates best practice.

The day will be led by Dr. Chris Etheridge (BHMA) and Dr. Bob Allkin (Kew) and will include:

1. Introduction to the names of plants and drugs. What are scientific names and why are they needed? Nomenclature vs Identification.
2. Obstacles to using scientific names correctly and why plant names change
3. Best practice in using scientific names, Kew references and MPNS
4. The MPNS data resource and the ways you can use it
5. Examples from Herbal Industry illustrating:
a. poor practice and the consequences for regulators or practitioners
b. value of MPNS
c. role of MPNS in global regulation
6. A guided tour of Kew facilities – including the TCM reference collection and details of its use today as an authentication service
7. A hands on workshop – participants will use the MPNS portal to solve their own queries or problems

Workshop fee £200 (including VAT and lunch)

Significant discounts on tickets for members of the BHMA, Kew Gardens and EHTPA Member Associations, as well as students.

BHMA/Kew Company Members: £150 inc VAT

Other BHMA/Kew/EHTPA Members: £100 inc VAT

Students: £50 inc VAT

Please email for a member or student discount code if applicable for you. Please provide proof of student status if requesting a student discount code. Discount codes to be entered on the second page of the booking form below.